Salary of Software Developers in Kenya

Salary of Software Developers in Kenya

Salary of Software Developers in Kenya

One of the first things many job seekers consider before applying for a job is the salary. Like in many other countries and every other field, the salary of software developers in Kenya vary with qualification/skills, experience, and sector. However, Before we discuss the salary of software developers in Kenya let us see what are the qualifications of software developers and what a work environment of a software developer looks like.

What is the Qualification for Software Developers?

For the essential qualification to become a software developer, one must have graduated with a degree in software engineering from one of the accredited colleges. Other relevant courses that align with this profession include computer science and information technology. Though experience is optional for beginners, one must produce different projects successfully to be regarded as a software developer.

Again, there are familiar languages associated with the software development career. These include C++, Python, PHP, XML, HTML/JAVAScript/CSS, and Unix Shell Scripting. Besides the languages, knowing the various operating systems you can use to execute your applications is relevant. The notable systems include Linux, Solaris, HPUX, BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. Software developers should also know various databases useful in different business scenarios, such as Oracle (PL/SQL) and MySQL.


How Does the Work Environment of a Software Developer Look Like?

Software developers can work as freelancers or in a formal office environment. While working in an office setup, they must work closely with other software engineers and computer programs to develop effective systems. Software developers must also have the skills to convey technical information in a language non-technical groups can understand.

Again, working directly with users and other computer-related vendors is highly advisable for software developers. One must have excellent oral and written communication skills in such a case. Considering the constant changes and advancement of technology, software developers also need to update their skills regularly.

The work environment of a software developer also entails attending various classes and engaging in workshops. Such activities are crucial for expanding knowledge. To become a pro software developer, one may also be required to train, coach, or mentor others in this career. By teaching others, you develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and subject matter, which can help you become a pro. More importantly, consistency is the key to success in this career. You will expect to grow and earn more by observing the most successful software developers’ fundamental principles.

Salary of software developers in Kenya

If you are considering becoming a software developer, knowing how much you’d make each month would help make your career choice. So, how much do software engineers earn? Glassdoor reports indicate that Software Developers can earn a total salary of KES 300,000 per month or KES 3,600,000 annually. According to the data available for this role, tips, bonuses, and overtime are also included in the total salary.

Payscale also analyzed various salaries to determine the approximate amount one can earn as a software developer in Kenya. For example, for an entry-level position with less than one year of experience, one can expect to earn KES 493,389 per year, based on 5 salaries. Those with 1-4 years of experience can earn approximately KES 738,403 per year, based on 119 salaries, while mid-career professionals with 5-9 years of experience can expect to take home a total of 1,223,543 per year, based on 24 salaries.


FAQs About Software Developers

What is the highest pay for Software Developers?

Depending on the market, Software Developers can expect to make anywhere between KES 80,000 – KES 300,000 per month. Additional elements such as experience and industry can influence the salary range of Software Developers. Doing your own research is highly advisable to determine a fair wage for your area. Besides, you can earn more by moving companies and freelancing gigs to boost your earnings as a software developer.

How can Software Developers increase their salary?

As a software engineer, the best possible way to increase your salary is to choose a strategic specialization that will help you increase your value as a programmer. Besides, since employers pay people based on their ability to deliver the best and quality results, continuous learning to advance your skills is highly advisable. Other alternatives for earning better salaries include finding better employers, becoming a team player, and learning more skills.

How much are junior developers paid in Kenya?

Glassdoor reports that the estimated salary for a Junior Software developer in Kenya is KES 62,500 monthly, primarily if one is based in Nairobi Area. However, the average one can earn KES 50,000 per month. Through dedication and quality work, one would also earn more from bonuses, tips, and profit sharing, which can amount to around KES 12,500. Considering these are rough estimates, one can always look forward to earning more as one keeps growing their career as a developer in Kenya. 

What are the qualifications for Software Developer?

The first relevant qualification needed to become a software developer is earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a bachelor’s in programming mathematics, or a related field. Besides it, you may also need to master some programming languages, such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and Python. However, you can only develop the best programming skills through regular practice, hence the need for building software more often. 

Which country has the highest salary for a Web Developer?

The best part of being a developer is that one can work in almost every part of the world. As a result, the idea of knowing which country you are likely to earn more as a software developer comes into play. According to Business Insider, one can expect to earn more in the USA ($106,120), followed closely by Switzerland ($101,449) and Denmark ($81,778).

 Which one is better, frontend or backend developer?

The answer to this depends mainly on your skills and preferences, as both frontend and backend development come with challenges and rewards. Frontend developers focus on the user interface of websites and apps, while backend developers are responsible for the overall architecture, databases, and servers. Ultimately the answer depends on what you enjoy working on most.

Which soft skills are necessary to become a software developer?

Becoming an excellent software developer continues beyond coding alone. One must also have considerable soft skills, such as math and programming. Besides, one should also be an excellent communicator with good interpersonal skills. You must also be efficient in listening skills to execute your roles effectively. 

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