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Custom Training & Career Coaching Solutions

With CVGarage career coaching solutions, an experienced career coach will help you understand the sector, asses your current situation, identify your options, leverage your values, skills & abilities, and position yourself as a strong candidate for the jobs you are looking for.

Have You Ever Felt Like Something In Your Career Is Off?

At Some Point, We All Feel A Disconnect Between The Career We Want & The Career We Have

You’re not alone. At some point, every professional feels like something isn’t working.

It is so frustrating to dedicate time to your career and not have the results that you want.


How DO I??

Tailored career coaching solutions

Get The Results You Want with our career coaching solutions.

Leverage personal and professional development to enable you seize opportunities

Identify what you want to do, set professional goals and develop action plans

Find greater fulfillment by helping you overcome obstacles in your career path

Re-evaluate your career to address/overcome your limitations

Avoid common career pits e.g stagnation

Evaluate the different alternatives for achieving your goals

Grow and thrive within your career path

Stop fighting career fires

Overcome your limitations

Coaching Preparation Packages

Coaching package for transitioning professionals
13000 ksh
  • Transfer your skills to a different sector Do you have experience in business and look forward to going back to employment? Are you preparing for a career change or launching your international career?
Job search strategy
13000 ksh
  • Fast forward your search! Need guidance with your job search? We are here to help
Coaching package for professional development
13000 ksh
  • Discover and open up new opportunities. Unlock the carer you deserve. Are you a professional looking for opportunities (e.g. a lateral or vertical move)? Plan your next career move!
Executive and Leadership Coaching Package
13000 ksh
  • Lead and get the results you want  Do you wish to explore and develop your leadership skills for effective organizational performance and improved career development? Then this program is for you.
Salary/ Compensation Package Negotiation
13000 ksh
  • Earn what you deserve Improve your earning potential by letting us prepare you for salary negotiations for a new job, internal promotion interviews, proposals to ask for a raise, change of reporting line,  work benefits, contract negotiations, or other ways to boost your remuneration   

Your Career is UNIQUE!

Solutions that don’t address the uniqueness of your career lead to:

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Sucess With The Best

Our Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3.

Having the Results That You Want Shouldn’t Be Complicated


Tell Us Your Story

We work with you to determine where you want your career to go and how to get there

Customizing Your Plan

Leaving you with a detailed plan that everybody can understand

Achieve Amazing Results

Ensuring that there are clear expectations, with a focused direction and little drama.

Endless Opportunities

You’ll end up getting amazing opportunities to apply with confidence

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