Custom Training & Coaching Solutions

Get more from your career

An experienced career coach will help you understand the sector, asses your current situation, identify your options, leverage your values, skills & abilities, and position yourself as a strong candidate for the jobs you are looking for.
Have You Ever Felt Like Something In Your Career Is Off?

At Some Point, We All Feel A Disconnect Between The Career We Want & The Career We Have

You’re not alone. At some point, every professional feels like something isn’t working. It is so frustrating to dedicate time to your career and not have the results that you want.

How Do I...

  • How do I take my career to the next level?
  • How do I stop missing opportunities?
  • How do I perform better?
  • How do I position myself for future opportunities/industry trends?
  • How do I become a better leader /manager?
  • How do I go about job searching in a new country?
  • How do I prepare for a major interview?
  • How do I work towards a promotion?
  • How do I evaluate prospective employers?
  • How do I build my confidence and develop my personal brand?
  • How do I go about salary negotiations?
  • How do I find a new job that I enjoy more?
  • How do I move to something more fulfilling?
  • How do I launch my career after completing my education?
  • How do I navigate a career change?
CVGarage will help you

Get The Results You Want

Re-evaluate your career to address/overcome your limitations

Grow and thrive within your career path

Evaluate the different alternatives for achieving your goals

Leverage personal and professional development to enable you seize opportunities

Find greater fulfillment by helping you overcome obstacles in your career path

Identify what you want to do, set professional goals and develop action plans

Overcome your limitations

Avoid common career pits e.g stagnation

Stop fighting fires

Your Career is UNIQUE!

Solutions that don’t address the uniqueness of your career lead to:

Wasted Time

Off-the-shelf training and a one-size-fits-all strategy seems easy, but it won’t get you the results that you want.

Needless Spending

You throw money at a problem, hoping to fix it; to get results. But still, you find something is missing or not “quite right.”

Missed Opportunities

Without a plan built specifically for you and your needs, you’ll end up missing amazing opportunities.


It is frustrating to dedicate time and resources to a course and not have the results that you want

Sucess With The Best

CVGarage has wonderful Career coaching services. They also revamped my CV and helped me leverage my accomplishments, skills, and strengths. Within a few months, I was able to find a great opportunity that fully aligns with my career path, the work-life balance I was hoping for and the personal growth and creativity I seek in my professional life
Mary K.
Marketing Manager
CVGarage worked with me through a career change and made sure I had all the tools and resources necessary to start a new career that fit my professional personality. Highly recommend!
Meshack M.
Administrative Assistant
CVGarage recently helped me navigate a difficult career transition. My scientific training afforded me a broad swath of career opportunities but coming from an academic setting, I didn’t have clear guidance on achieving my next steps outside of that realm. CVGarage stepped in, helped me to set objective tasks and encouraged me to put plans into action. They regularly challenged me to keep up the pace of my search and finally I laned a job I am happy I really love.
Jane K.
CVGarage was super helpful in my pursuit for a new career opportunity. They helped me prioritize and create a road map. Additionally, they answered all my questions and provided me with ample resources. Their career coaching services are worth every penny.
Salim K.
Procurement Manager

Having the Results That You Want Shouldn’t Be

Our Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3.

Tell Us Your Story

We work with you to determine where you want your career to go and how to get there

Customizing Your Plan

Leaving you with a detailed plan that everybody can understand

Achieve Amazing Results

Ensuring that there are clear expectations, with a focused direction and little drama.

KSh 8,000.00

Fast forward your search!

Need guidance with your job search? We are here to help

KSh 8,000.00

Discover and open up new opportunities. Unlock the carer you deserve.

Are you a professional looking for opportunities (e.g. a lateral or vertical move)? Plan your next career move!

KSh 10,000.00

Make it stand out!

Are you about to submit a scholarship application? Let's help you get it right. 

KSh 12,000.00

Transfer your skills to a different sector

Do you have experience in business and look forward to going back to employment?

Are you preparing for a career change or launching your international career?

KSh 10,000.00

Lead and get the results you want 

Do you wish to explore and develop your leadership skills for effective organizational performance and improved career development? Then this program is for you.

KSh 12,000.00

Earn what you deserve

Improve your earning potential by letting us prepare you for salary negotiations for a new job, internal promotion interviews, proposals to ask for a raise, change of reporting line,  work benefits, contract negotiations, or other ways to boost your remuneration