Workplace Burnout: Everything You Need to Know

The Great Resignation is real, hitting virtually every industry and breaking the labor records month after month. The number of individuals quitting their jobs is quite alarming. According to the 2021 report in the standard, 40% of workers in Kenya consider quitting their jobs.  Research shows that the underlying cause of burnout is not individual, […]

The WHY’s and HOW’s of Workplace Visibility

Do you sometimes feel under the radar in your workplace? Have you ever felt that there are few people in your organization whom everyone seems to know? There’s an event to attend – call “Mr. X,” a party is taking place – “Mr. X” must be there, you need some help with your task – […]

Building Your Dream Workplace

During our childhood years, we all had great plans concerning our future. We all had that one job we were looking forward to. Do you remember your high school dream? I remember mine. Each time my teacher would ask me, “What would you want to become in the future?” “An aeronautic engineer!” I could loudly […]

How To Use LinkedIn to Get a Job in 2022

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “A great website that is not promoted is like a billboard stored in your basement.” Having a LinkedIn profile is like owning a website. This quote reminds me of those LinkedIn members who rarely update their profiles.