5 Simple Body Language Tips Your Job Interview

What comes into your mind when you think about interview preparations? You are probably thinking about how to dress, answer questions, and your papers. But rarely would one think about nonverbal communication. 

There are several steps to nail when it comes to having a successful interview. It is not just about having a great CV and Cover Letter. The fate of your dream job hinges on your interview process

About 50% of the interviewers often know the right candidate from just a look. From your facial expression to your body movements, what you don’t say may win you more marks. Your resume may portray you as an ambitious person, but what does your body language tell the interviewer? 

Basically, most interview tips and tricks focus on dressing and interview questions. Body language during an interview is a commonly overlooked but equally significant part of your interview.

Are you getting ready for a job interview? You need not be nervous. These tips can help you project your confidence.

  1. Maintain An Upright Posture

Slouching is a red flag whether you are in a face-to-face or online interview. It is vital to maintain an upright posture at all times. No slumping. Always ensure you keep your back straight. Not maintaining an upright posture may present you as a nervous individual who lacks self-confidence. Be mindful of your posture to ensure you aren’t sending the wrong messages.

  1. Keep A Real Eye Contact

An easy way to pass an interview is to maintain real eye contact. When an interviewer asks you questions, you should always answer them while looking at the panel, as this shows that you’re a confident person.

A big mistake that people make is looking at themselves while answering interview questions. Imagine missing such a great opportunity because you were avoiding eye contact. However, we do not say you should stare. Good eye contact means you are a self-confident person.

  1. Smile While Answering Questions

Next to your eye contact is a warm, engaging smile. After all, interviewers will judge you on your communication skills, and a good smile can get you off the hook. Smiling is not as easy as you may think. Most interviewers can surely tell when you are faking a smile. 

Nevertheless, always smile before, during, and after the interview. Perhaps your smile can be the only thing an interviewer takes home. But make sure your smile is genuine.

  1. Stay Alert and Responsive

If you want to have a successful interview, it is crucial to be alert and responsive while answering questions. After all, you can correctly answer a question if you are vigilant. Before answering any questions, don’t forget to practice active listening skills. 

Being alert will portray your interpersonal skills more than your CV. Besides, how you behave when you are not talking says much about you. Therefore, the goal is always to stay alert at all times.

  1. Relax Your Hands

While this may seem an insignificant step, your hands are great communication tools. The position of your hands matters a lot during interviews. When talking, please put your hands in a neutral position and hold them to avoid acting weird. 

The best place to always rest your hands is on the table. But most people nervously hold their hands together. Just make sure your motions don’t speak louder than your words. In an interview, always let your personality shine through.


As a final takeaway, never forget how important your body language is during an interview. You should practice your body language as often as you can. An interview coach can help you thoroughly master your body language.

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